Rowenta Ironing Board

Rowenta is a German brand that is part of the SEB Group. They offer top of the range steam irons and home appliances, that are high quality and innovative, to help create harmonious living. The Rowenta ironing board has revolutionized the way in which we iron our clothes, and it continues to do so with each new addition and product extra that is bought to the market.

Why Should You Choose a Rowenta Ironing Board

Rowenta is a leading brand in the ironing and appliances sector, and they pride themselves on supplying the highest quality products to their consumers. They offer impeccable consumer care to help you get the best out of your Rowenta products, as well as providing you with help and support to ensure that you find the product that suits your needs and requirements.

Best Selling Types of Rowenta Ironing Board

Rowenta ib-6200 professional ironing board

This Rowenta ironing board is by far the most superior product in the Rowenta range. It is available to purchase through a number of retailers both off and online. Nearly all major homeware stores will stock the Rowenta ib-600 professional ironing board. There are a number of reasons why this Rowenta ironing board is worth purchasing, and these include;

  • Smooth surface for ironing
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Three layer cover
  • Extra large ironing surface that
  • Suitable for right and left handed use
  • Lower shelf for holding pressed items
  • Secure heat resistant iron rest
  • Stylish and simple design

Main Product Features of the Rowenta ib-6200 ironing board

  • Integrated 100% cotton cover with thick felt pad which provides extra smooth ironing surface
  • Built in iron rest which holds the iron on a heat resistant silicone surface
  • Easily adjustable for use while sitting or standing
  • Symmetrical ergonomic design which provides maximum support, and is ideal for both right and left handed users
  • Heavy duty tubular chromed steel legs for extra strength and stability
  • Fold out garment rack for hanging pressed clothes

Rowenta Ironing Board Covers

There is an entire range of stylish and sleek Rowenta ironing board covers available to purchase. It is always best when using a Rowenta ironing board, to use Rowenta ironing board cover. Rowenta ironing board covers are specifically designed for accompanying the Rowenta ironing board cabinet, and they are of the same high quality and standard, which is why it is important to opt for rowents covers over any other, as this will subsequently ensure that your ironing does not suffer due to the use of cheap or poor quality covers.

On Finding Rowenta Ironing Board covers

  • If you are looking for a Rowenta ironing board cover replacement, it is essential that you properly identify exactly what type of cover you already have, as this will make it easier to find a replacement.
  • If you are unsure, then you can contact the Rowenta company directly through their official website.
  • Many online stores will sell a Rowenta ironing board cover replacement, and as they are only small lightweight items, they can be shipped for an extremely reasonable and affordable cost.